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GALLERIE CHIZ is now closed......To all our clients, members, supporters, artists, musicians, fans, browsers and FRIENDS... "For every thing, there is a season"... Change is here! I tell you this with very mixed emotions, but after twenty-two years, it is time to re-group. The economic realities that, for so long I have stubbornly, as well as hopefully, wished away, have caught up with me. Beginning on or about October 3, my personal plan is to move my studio into the gallery space and get a chance to paint LIVE at CHIZ for ME. I need the time to get back to my own art, while concurrently maintaining the gallery with a few of our regular artists as well. This will continue until I sell the building and its contents. We have appreciated your support and hope to still see many of you, either at Chiz or elsewhere. It will be a new chapter.


I will be maintaining the gallery web site in this form until I can transition it to a web site devoted to my art.

I will not be operating in the Chiz studio with regular business hours until we get it set up. If you want to come in and watch me paint, please call me at the regular number below to make sure I will be there. I am selling all of the cases, fixtures, displays and other items in the gallery also. If you know of anyone who might wnat to buy some of these items, please send them to me. Thanks to all of you who have been such wonderful customers and friends. I truly appreciate it.